The LAB Defined.

Los Angeles Biomechanics. The LAB staff specializes in the science of movement, setting up shop in the heart of downtown LA. The LAB owners are doctorate-level physical therapists from USC, the top-rated PT school in the nation since 2004. We answer your call and right to the best quality of care.

Tailored regimes.

Collaborating sophisticated technology with innovative intervention plans, the LAB has a particular attention to detail. A unique plan for a unique you.

We're not fans of recycled programs that are otherwise generalized and mundane. Our doctors work with your individual needs to design unique and specific rehabilitation programs for a most efficient recovery. 


Learn for longevity.

The LAB clinic prioritizes patient education, using movement analysis, technology and testing to back our findings and facilitate understanding of what's really going on with your body. Why? Because heightened self-awareness means lasting results. Pure and simple.